“An entertaining, exciting medical thriller...Twenty-first century bioterrorism.”

--The New York Times


“Politics, big Medicine, and vulnerable patients as it all could happen.”

--Los Angeles Times


“Provocative sexual enhancement used for attacks. Now that’s a storyline.”

--Chicago Tribune


“Pleasure-5 Surgery? Bring it on. Where do we sign up?”

--The Straits Times (Singapore)

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“Torn from tomorrow’s headlines”
"A top thriller"

"One of the best thriller novels"

"A top crime book"

A 21st century bioterrorist attack threatens the US Homeland. The nation and its leaders are scared. There’s no explanation.

Birth defects skyrocket, and strange illnesses and appetites resurface from our genetic past. Healthy adults deteriorate, losing body, mind, and soul.

Who’s playing God?

Dr. Michael Riker, head of a new CIA division, is on the front lines. Puzzled by the horrific cases, he discovers terrifying secrets.

Human tissue has been weaponized.

American tourists, especially college students, start disappearing in the Middle East and Asia.

After watching CNN, American women line up for a new sexual enhancement procedure, the PLEASURE-5 SURGERY.

This cosmetic upgrade is the brainchild of the world’s leading transplant surgeon, Dr. Omar Mond.

Even Riker’s own fiancée gets the genital upgrade.

Dr. Mond is also celebrated across America. He can cure your heart disease and diabetes with custom-made organ transplants.

The CIA tracks a global syndicate which specializes in human trafficking, sex slavery, and organ trading. Riker knows the health of America is at stake.

From the corridors of Washington to Guantanamo Bay to a village hidden beneath the mountains of the Afghan-Pakistan border, Riker races against time before it’s too late.

Senators, Arab billionaires, the White House, and Riker’s women all challenge him through his journey. Can he trust anyone? Then the staged murder of a plastic surgeon points to more clues.

BIO-JIHAD & the PLEASURE-5 SURGERY is a provocative medical thriller that will keep you turning pages. The tension and terror build across the globe, leading to an explosive finish.

The new dangers of scientific experimentation are closer than you think...


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