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Guts of the Thriller


Key topics:

21st century Jihad


Deep-cover Islamist sleeper cells

Fanaticism of the educated and well-financed

Breach of Homeland security

America’s fear of illness & immigrants


Cutting edge:

Human trafficking

Modern slavery


Robotic surgery

Misuse of Transplantation & Modern Medicine

Medical tourism

Organ trading and theft



New form of bioterrorism

Nuclear radiation gone portable
Clone cures for diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure

Pleasure-5 surgery: female genital enhancement (cosmetic vaginoplasty)


CIA spymasters

Political assassination

White House manufacturing consent

US Senate corruption

Media frenzy

Doctors with God-complex

Doctor-patient boundaries

US military power projection and its toys

Geopolitics of Big Oil

Vengeful billionaires

Love, betrayal, reconciliation

Even a car-chase (!)

Readers say they value:

Quick-paced interlacing stories converging to climax

Oscillation from personal to public, from ordinary to extraordinary

Forward momentum, unfurling tension--what happens next?

Story/plot/event driven        

Several readers have commented, “It’s a movie waiting to be made.”    


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