Top Thriller: Amazon Feature Release
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"Too hot to advertise"


Email from Editorial team, March 2013

Advises that the content of the book, Bio-Jihad & the Pleasure-5 Surgery, and its title, are too hot to advertise. Strangely, Amazon is okay with selling the book to thousands of readers, but will not advertise.

  “Hi Dr. Cheever, I received word back from our internal team that the title and book will not be able to be advertised onsite or on the Kindle eInk.  The title and book are a concern for Kindle as it uses the religious term (Jihad). 

We have a hard line against any and all religious symbols, terms, etc. on the gateway placements that stems from our retail gateway content policies. Even though the book itself is a thriller, rather than a religious text, it would still violate our policy.

The material is considered inflammatory, too controversial, and subject to defamation lawsuits.  It’s under my learning’s that we have had to turn away other ads for similar usage.

Is there an alternative title & cover you have that does not highlight religious terms/symbols? Will you be able to make text changes and other modifications that our internal team has flagged?


 “No thanks. I’m not changing the title, cover, or any of the content. Period. We’ll advertise elsewhere.

I know it's controversial. That's how I wrote it. It's also real, exciting, and laced with many truths. I think it's a damn good read, which is the goal in the first place.

I'm amazed that in the United States of America, even today, this book censorship can still happen. Even the suggestion to alter material I have a hard time dealing with. Isn't this what we're fighting for in the first place--the freedom of expression?

I wrote the novel for my readers, not the distributors.

Thanks, but no thanks.

S.Q. Cheever, MD"

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